COACH HRM Solutions

Recruitment (RC)

Follows the recruitment cycle in the company, from the recruitment application, interview request, and hiring procedures. Applicants can apply online through the recruitment web service. The human resources manager can search for any application through advance search tools.

Personnel Administration (PA)

Reduce disorganization from manual processes with a modern human resources (HR) system that helps make HR processes and management of personnel data simpler and accessible to employees.

Organization Management (OM)

Switch from manually creating and storing your organizational structure to a system that helps reduce paperwork and makes the process of managing your organizational structures more efficient.

Time Attendance (TA)

If you are experiencing problems or limitations in managing time attendance or calculations of overtime that is not consistent with the recorded attendance, COACH can help you solve these problems.

Payroll (PY)

Manages payroll for daily, weekly or monthly employees efficiently that is easy to use and convenient for users by automatically determining taxes and social security deductions consistent with government regulations.

Compensation and Awards (AD)

Defines a budget at the top-level of an organization hierarchy. A high-level manager in the hierarchy issues budgets to any employee at a lower level in the reporting hierarchy. You can issue monetary amounts or percentages of eligible salaries.

Benefits (BN)

Covers medical and welfare benefits‚ with the ability to define new benefits‚ by type‚ provider and several other areas. Assigning benefits to employees happens in a variety of ways‚ individually‚ designation-wise or others.

Resourcing (AS)

Enables you to track multiple classes of assets – office equipment, furniture, lab equipment, lockers, or personal protective equipment assigned to the employees. It also flags any resource checked out when the employee is dismissed.

Dashboard (DB)

Through multiple HR Dashboards, that capture the performance or health of the HR function in the organization, COACH provides the cockpit view of HR’s KPIs to the managers without any hassles.

COACH HRD Solutions

Performance (KPI)

If your organization measures employee effectiveness with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), COACH can help you get the most from your employees by aligning your company objectives with your employee’s and monitoring performance that is on-line and easy to use.

Competency (CM)

Effectively manage employee’s capabilities (competencies) using job descriptions with appropriate competency levels that can be monitored and assessed with the assigned proportion of the employee’s overall performance appraisal that can vary by level within the organization.

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Helps you plan the development of employees to reduce competency gaps with development courses to correct weaknesses and improve skills of the employee.

Training (TN)

Looking to reduce complexities in managing training within your organization, COACH can manage your training needs on-line in an easy to use and efficient way. Summarize the training hours to labor department with a few clicks away!

Career (CR)

Plan and manage your employee’s career by monitoring the strengths and weaknesses of your employee, and you can create a development plan suitable for that employee’s career path.

Employee Self Service (ESS)

Reduce mountains of paperwork and complexities for employees with COACH which allows employees with the proper authorization to access and manage their own personnel data; this helps reduce work for human resources personnel with an efficient system that makes it easy to manage.